Wednesday, January 02, 2008

So This Is The New Year

Welcome to 2008.

Every time this calendar resets itself for another 12 months I get really meditative on myself and on my goals and on the past year, which usually involves me being far more critical than I should be on myself.

So here are the potential reforms for 2008:

Finish draft one of my first book by the end of January. This was originally hoped to be done by the first, but laziness and school took its toll. Now it's time to step it up a notch. The Long Goodnight, here I come.

No more soda. Yeah it's dumb, but I picked it up along with a few extra and mostly useless pounds.

Exercise More. Ahh the old battle axe of the new years.

Read More. Which means less television (except for Lost...God help me if I don't get my Lost fixation).

Spend less. Another battle axe of the resolutions.

Last and not least is to update this damn blog more often. I've got a new digital camera. I have stories to tell, just ask any of my exhausted friends. There is no reason I shouldn't be doing more regular updates.

And to all those reading: May you find joy in change and growth in the next year. May the problems never be insurmountable, and the rewards never too great. And may you never walk alone.