Saturday, October 10, 2009

8 Days until the marathon

Still here!

Between the end of the internship, marathon training, and the start of the semester, time has just slipped out from under me.

I still haven't bothered to start the editing of The Rider, but it's coming soon. I'm getting restless, and the levity of having finished the first draft is once again becoming the burden of having an unrefined draft. I've read about 20 pages of it, and I'm already aware of major major redrafting that I will be doing especially with chapter one (More on that in the next post).

School's started back up, and is actually (as I'm posting this) already well into the semester. I know for one thing that the light at the end of the tunnel is definitely real now, and that kind of victory tastes so sweet. I'm enjoying a lot of what I'm doing this semester, except the aptly numbered SI 666 the cataloging class. The cataloging skill is becoming more and more outdated for most librarians with companies like Baker and Taylor doing most of the cataloging beforehand, and leaving whatever we have to do just being minor markups to adjust a record for appropriate collections. I'm also in video games and learning, which is a great education theory course, which made me realize more than anything else that I love education theory.

The marathon is next sunday. Part of the route passes through Canada, over the bridge to Canada, and back through the tunnel, making it the only underwater marathon in the world (check out the route here). It also meant that I needed a passport or passport card to actually do the race. I applied for one past the redline of the 4 week application process, and was starting to get nervous by the end of this last week about whether or not it would actually come. Then, today, while working with my dad on my poor dying jeep, the mail came. My dad had one of his ESP moments where out of the blue he looked up and said, "You should go check the mail, I bet it came today." Lo and Behold there it was!

Lastly I'm getting pumped to try my hand on NaNoWriMo this November. Last year I started a story about a Rock God (read about it here). It didn't get finished, but the chunk that I got done I was really proud of. This year I figured out my story already, I have 21 days to plot and play and think and relax, and then, November 1st it's game on!

Now it's back to pretending to do homework, and waste time before the Michigan vs Iowa game.