Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Documentarians, Europeans, and the Job Hunt

A post from the city of angels.

Tonight Kate dragged (read "invited") me to the International Documentary Association's Networking Party. This one is timed to coincide with the Oscars (which is Sunday). While there we met Anders and Torstein Nybo, members of the Norwegian production company that made the Oscar nominated documentary Burma VJ, a film about the Burmese Monk uprising in 2007. And let me just say that Norwegians are great people. Very polite, and talkative, and more than willing to buy the next round (which is great when you're a broke library student hobnobbing with the heavily alcoholic filmmakers). But beyond that Documentary Filmmakers are all great people. They remind me of more talkative librarians in some ways. Very conscious of social justice and full of dreams of the good they want to do with their films, and it was very refreshing in comparison to much of Los Angeles.

Time in LA has been great so far. A lot of hiking the trails and the area in and around West Hollywood, and Burbank today. On Friday Kate and a former roommate of Ben's, Sappy, drove down to the area just north of San Diego and did wine tasting at 3 different wineries and topped the evening off with a stop at Stone Brewery.

The other major thrust of this trip out has been job hunting. Now more than ever I'm sure that I want to get out this way, even if it's only for a small amount of time. I've been firing off job applications at anything with a decent pay check and a location in the city. From more traditional library jobs, to a publishing company sales representative position, to a film company's production assistant. Like I said. Anything.

Now to go watch Lost. More to come, and pictures soon.