Monday, February 05, 2007

Genisis (Because that's what happened in the Beginning)

So here's the deal...

I've been running a blog on my life and pursuits over at chitowndint for a little bit now, and have been struggling nearly endlessly to find a reason to post something. So, inspired by the writers, and my need for a grade in some of my fiction classes, I've decided to keep a blog solely focused on my writing, and on my pursuit of writing.

So chances are the majority of this is going to be daily posts of me complaining about life knuckling in and me valuing sleep over writing, or whatever, but here it is. Hopefully it'll get interesting...

For starters I'm going to focus my post on the novel that I want to take from start to completion over the course of the year or so.

"Jack: Boy Of The Field" is the current placeholder for this idea that I've been kicking around, and slowly fleshing out. Below is given what I would assume would be a pre-written-novel pitch that I could make.

Jack: Boy of the Field is a novel about a young boy's odyssey across America, heading west like so many before him. It is a story that is both a road novel, and a fantastical voyage (though the line between the two is very vague) steeped in the lore of the land. Jack, who is an obvious throw back to the legendary giant killers of germanic myth, eventually translated into the Appalachian folk tales, is a boy who is forced into a foster home after his widowed mother is unable to maintain the family farm. Through a twist of luck or accident he is able to make his escape into the Appalachians, where he begins his journey. Meant to be gigantic in its scope, crossing the entire US, the story is going to maintain its focus on a young boy forced into manhood for his first time, and faced with many fantastical wonders both the imaginary and the real, and finding the true beauty of what America really is.

I guess when I look at it, the idea and the intensity of what I am proclaiming seems a little...well just a little daunting, so who knows. Just stick with me gentle reader and we shall see what wonders come to pass.

From the windy city,