Thursday, September 13, 2007

Feeling checked out, or unshelved

Over the past week since I’ve been back at school, working the reference desk has felt more like a public library, and not the collegiate library that it is. We've been swamped with questions. The majority of which have involved things like "where's the bathroom?" "can I check out books here?" and "why is this (piece of technology) not working the way it is supposed to?"

The answer to the first is "around the corner." The second is "no." And the third is "Not a clue."

From time to time we get more interesting questions, but not usually.

It's endearing to be living this hectic again at work. It makes me miss all the absurdity and hijinx that comes with working my old job.

Problem with collegiate library is the cute girls. (I know. How chauvenistic can I be? Joy of being single). It tends to make me look uneducated, though, when they come up to ask a question (see one of the previous three) and I look at them, smile, and forget my name. And then I realize that no matter how I try, library science is not a good method for picking up women...

Which of course leads me to the next conclusion that "I'm way to busy to pick up women."

I'm working on a sort of essay rant about working at libraries, which examines the different type of people who work at libraries, Reference, Circulation, Acquisitions, etc. It's gonna be funny (at least I think so (but then again I get the sneaking suspicion that no one finds me as funny as I do)). I'll post a bit of that when I get it together.