Monday, September 10, 2007

Fresh Idea...

Had an idea strike me the other day while I was listening to The Ultra Lounge Christmas collection, and trying to explain to a friend the truth about LA. First the truth, and then the idea.

The truth about LA is that it's not a city. Well... It is a city, but not in the same sense that Chicago is a city, and definitely not in the same sense that New York is a city. This got brought up when I was explaining my choices in grad schools (UCLA, UW:Madison, and UofM). It is a well known fact, to those who know it well (10 points to the person who gets this reference), that I am very interested in not living in a city after I finish my bachelors at Columbia. So when talking about my choices for grad school people always cock an eyebrow to hear that I am interested in UCLA.

"Dude, Los Angeles? I thought you wanted to get out of the city," they'll say. And I'll nod and agree. To which they say, "Los Angeles is a city."

To which, I then reply, "kind of."

You see, Los Angeles is in fact only a small city (this always gets interesting looks). LA is in all actuality a sprawling suburb. The suburb. Suburbia. And it is a well known fact, to those who know it well, that I have a special place in my heart for suburbia.

So that is the truth about LA.

Now the idea.

The word suburbia was bouncing fervently around my cranium. And me, being a fan of fantasy, and mythology looked at that name and said to my self, "gee, Suburbia sure sounds like it could be the name of a fantasy world." So there you have it folks. Brand new idea.

The land of the Midwest. divided into 3 areas. Urbana (not like Illinois). Suburbia. Rural (the frontier). More to come