Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Never Go Back

When typing up a chapter this morning to turn in for my advanced fiction class I was forced to reread it. And upon a second reading it dawned on me how little scene there is in this "scene." That was what we were supposed to turn in. A scene. I'm afraid it's stunted my continued writing.

The first month of writing saw a blast of about 50 pages, and now into my second month that page count has dwindled to about five.

Right now I'm trying to work my way through a conversation with Al Keeder, a man in the woods. I think I know the next step, I'm just unsure of how much magicalness to reveal, how much boy Jack can take on before it becomes too bizarre and unreal even for a lad of 8. Hopefully by Thursday he can be free of this old man and well on his way to facing his first giant and meeting Cole, King of the Gypsies.

Alright. Now I have to pretend to do homework....