Monday, March 03, 2008

Technology hates me.

I have to send in critique pieces for my Fiction Seminar class, and this is the second one I've sent to be critiqued, and the second time I've had an issue making sure everyone in the class (especially the teacher) gets it. Is it procrastination manifesting itself in some divine payback?

I skipped ahead in the scene I was working on in my novel because it's been giving me more trouble than I thought it would. I changed some things (Jack is now in the house of Cormoran, the first giant he kills, instead of Al Keeder (the green man)). It kind of feels like cheating, though, going ahead and saying "meh, I'll get back to it later." But maybe this is something i need to do in order to get everything onto the page that I want before I become exhausted with the idea.

I'm hoping to wrap chapter 4 up in the next day or two, and get started on chapter 5, which introduces Detective Roger Gans, or Mother as his colleagues refer to him.

I also took a break from Facebook in order to ensure that I get serious amounts of writing done. I want to tear through this novel so that I can actually have something substantial completed.