Friday, March 14, 2008

Westward Expansion

I'm in Los Angeles!

I flew out yesterday evening and got in with enough time to grab some sushi and watch Lost.

The plane was packed. I ended up sitting next to a mom and her two kids (12 weeks and 1.5 years) and their great grandma. Subsequently I got very little reading done again. Large portions of the flight were with the 1.5 year old girl sitting in my lap looking out the window. It was cute but a little frustrating.

On the descent my ears didn't pop properly, so for most of yesterday I was deaf out of my right ear. And it aggravated my sinus cold, so now I'm chugging water trying to get healthy as quickly as possible to enjoy the weather.

And enjoyable weather it is. It's 10am right now and 62 degrees! I'm in sandals and shorts!

I started chapter 5 of the Rider's story. Maybe finish that in a day or two. I've got a really strong idea where he's going for a few chapters now.

I also think I've come to grips with my process a little bit. When digging through my flash drive I found a plethora of unfinished novels, novellas, short stories, snippets of scenes. And what I do is riff on them, and then let them cool. It gets a ton of writing done right away. But leaves me with a lot of half-finished projects. And then I go back and continue chipping away. Maybe what'll happen is eventually I'll just start getting lots of things done at once. Have like three novels finished in a sitting...

Anywhoo, it's nice, and though I'm sick I want to go for a run! Pictures and adventures to come soon