Thursday, March 27, 2008

Going East

This was supposed to be posted on the train, but I lost wi-fi before it sent...

I'm pirating internet at a train stop somewhere in Colorado.

Riding a train long distances is kind of weird. I watched the sun go down behind Los Angeles last night, and slept in the Lounge Car because my awesome seatmate smelled like he hadn't showered in a week, and when I went back to lie down he was taking up both seats. It was awesome. Hoping I can actually get a chair tonight.

I pass out in an arid desert area and wake up in the mountains. Pass out again and I wake up staring over flat plains stretching as far as the eye can see. Free roaming cattle, gazelle. I saw an Ostrich farm.

This country is so big, and so varied. There was a line in Neil Gaiman's American Gods about how San Francisco is no more in the same country as New York as Berlin is in the same country as Paris. Sure we share the same currency, the same flag, but the land and the people and the culture is so different.

Anywhoo we disembark soon. I'll be in Chicago tomorrow afternoon and in Haslett tomorrow night. And I'm back to Freaks and Geeks and Writing.