Sunday, April 06, 2008

Holy Word Count Batman!!!

I think it's safe to call today a victory.

After spending a majority of the day sitting around wondering what I should be doing, and then going to Clarke's for pancakes and omelets (Oh my, you should eat!). I came home and on a whim of inspiration, after dinking around for some time, decided that I should write.

Now here I am, 6 hours later. A fresh 5,000+ words added and another 4,000 previously written and then spliced in today, I'm teetering right near the 200 page mark. I'm within 100 words of breaking 40,000 words, and if my brain wasn't a nice shade of crispy brown I would add them in.

Now I'm waiting for my roommate to call me back and come celebrate my evening of awesome productivity with a nice tall pint of crisp wonderful beer.

Too bad not a single word of this counts towards any homework, so I am now a day further behind on what I was supposed to be doing... Oh well.