Monday, April 21, 2008

Another Day Goes By

The FIT test was easy and really dumb. It just seems antiproductive that we are still taking examinations on crap like this. We are part of a generation inundated with technology, and brought up on technology, but we're still being tested on how to copy and paste a document, save it, highlight text, etc. The test was easy, but the program that ran the test was really picky and allowed no room for error in your clicking. One thing I think that the test fails to take into account is that a smart student will access help in order to solve a situation, or will fiddle with the program till he or she figures it out. It's called being autodidactic.

I also met with Gina, my teacher. She was very cool and understanding with everything, and left me with some very interesting ideas surrounding my final revision for Fiction Seminar. As for the primary critique papers I hadn't typed up she was understanding about those, and is giving me the break needed to get them in, as long as the grade was there. I dig that.

Tomorrow I meet with my adviser to confirm the fact that, yes, I can graduate, and, no, they aren't going to screw me over, or I have screwed myself over... So we'll see how that goes.

I worked a bit on the rider today. I'm working on a chapter placing his westward ride into the context of a larger world, populated with characters from other work. It's very slow going. Figuring out exactly what stories I want to tell and how much of them need to be told before trucking along with the rider's story.

And the beat goes on...