Thursday, April 10, 2008

A Nice Follow Through

I wrote an entire story in just over one sitting.

It's called "I'm Just A Boatman" and it's about Charon, the ferryman who takes the dead across the river Styx to Hades. He has a Cockney accent. It's fun. And it was really nice to get something so fully realized and torn out so quickly.

Working on large projects can be daunting because you want nothing more than that satisfying follow through, but it's always elusive, so far in the distance that all you can do is chip away and hope.

Finishing this so quickly gives me hoe and that satisfaction of knowing that I'm really getting something done. I sent it off to my teacher, Tina Jens, and my mentor, Mort Castle, to have them take a look at it, see if it is as good as I think, or if I'm just being pretentious.

I started it as a class exercise. Tina brought in a pile of random reference books about fantasy. Said, find an article and write a story about it. And I got the first two pages hammered out in class, and the rest just worked on it throughout yesterday and finished it this morning while I was sitting on the reference desk. Maybe I can have it ready to go in a couple weeks and start shopping it around.

Now I'm off to get Pho with my roommate and some of his friends.