Sunday, April 13, 2008

This Is Sunday

This is senioritis in a nutshell:

I got 10 hours of sleep last night, and I'm starting to get a blister on my left thumb from playing too much NCAA Football 07 on my Xbox 360. There's this great minigame called Option Dash where you have two minutes to run the option play over and over, and it scores you on how well you do, touchdowns, yards gained, tackles missed, etc. It's far more addicting than it should be.

I typed up "I'm Just A Boatman" on Friday and passed it off to a bunch of friends to read over and edit. I'm at that point in my writing, and probably will be for a few more years that the best I can do in editing right now is line editing syntax and word choice and spell check. Actual content is not something I'm good at yet. It's a hard thing to look entirely neutral at your own piece of work, and then to say, yep it's good, or my god what is this shit? Mort said that it would take upwards of 6-10 years to reach that point. For my sake I hope I can scoot through it quicker.

I've also decided that I need to stop ordering take out. Nuff said. I'm just eating out waaaaaaay too much and it's costly and it's unhealthy. I can't wait for this weather to stabilize and for this semester to get over with so I can be at home and be exercising every day and writing every day and seeing my friends more often. So Monday (because I'm going to breakfast with a friend I haven't seen in months and months today) I'm done with the eating out. Take out. Delivery. Doesn't matter I'm gonna make my own. And while we're at it, no more soda (or pop or whatever you want to call it). So there. That's my weekend resolutions.

Now I'm off to breakfast, and then back to clean house. Then I've got to type up chapter two of the Jack novel for my advanced class, and I probably have a stack of other work to be doing too, but we'll see.