Monday, April 28, 2008

The Real Deal

Skipped a couple hours of work today to sit in on Mort Castle's Story in Graphic Form class to listen to a speaker from Kunoichi Press, a smaller comic publisher out of Chicago. Their Creative Manager, Brian Torney , was a recent graduate of Columbia and came in and talked to the class and exuded lots of really useful information to actually going out doing this writing thing we're all so interested in. And even more so doing it from a comic angle, which is something I am VERY interested in. He talked heavily about hitting the beat, and going to cons and doing the intense grunt work of getting on a first name basis with the big guns in the industry, and made everything seem very accessible, while being true to the intensity needed to "make it."

It got me thinking very heavily about the fact that I am sitting only on the production side of everything, so busy writing stories, and not busy enough going out and trying to get what I do have done out and circulating.

In that respect I'm going to run another draft on my short story, I'm Just A Boatman, and send that off to Doorways within a week, via Mort. I'm going to repackage and try submitting Interlude to someplace, and I'm thinking of taking it to the publishing lab some time and getting their advice on what I should do with it. If I work this right I should be able to get three short stories out and circulating by the end of the month (which is coming quickly).

I feel all inspired.