Sunday, April 20, 2008

Surrounded By Nothingness

I just saw my mom off, and it was kinda depressing to know that I was returning t a now barren apartment. I no longer feel like I live in this place, just instead I occupy these rooms for a few more days until the lease is up.

It's leaving me with a lot of barren space to think, and of course a lot of space and time to worry about graduation, and my GPA and getting into the University of Michigan, and just everything in general. It makes things very unnerving. I meet with my teacher tomorrow about the class that I feel is posing the worst threat to my grades, and then I take the FIT exam, which is supposedly the class that I need to test out of in order to graduate. Then Tuesday I meet with my councilor and have her take a gander at my transcript and all that other fun stuff to make sure that I am all ready to go to graduate in 24 days. It's all just waiting and hoping and praying, and then when it inevitably pays off (that's the positive thinking) it's going to be a lot of easy breathing, beer drinking celebrating.

Now because I have nothing else to really get nervous about I'm going to go do homework and try to bury my mind there for a few hours...