Thursday, March 06, 2008

When It's Good, It's GOOD

Chapter 4 is done!

It's absolute shit. But I know where I want it to go, and sometimes just the catharsis of getting it down on paper is enough.

I'm getting a slow start into chapter 5. I'm doing a lot of figuring out who Mother is. Roger Gans, detective for the FBI. I don't know a whole lot about him, just that he's a skeptic and I'm going to be inhabiting his head. Sounds good. He could be fun, and his introduction is a great and jarring switch from Jack running off into the woods. We'll see where that goes.

Like I said: Chapter 4 is shit shit shit. I don't like what Jack's found, it's maybe a little too obvious. I mean it needs to be obvious (the map and key) enough to get the ball rolling, but my selection of objects may be a little too obvious. The action really started picking up, and as he is cleaning out the cabin of the Giant of useful supplies I really liked the movement and pacing in that. I also need to get out how the giant seems to fluctuate in size, and swell bigger with anger, so that when Jack opens the door and steps outside BAM! he is shocked to look up and up and up and into the eyes of Cormoran, mighty Cormoran. And then I've got to get Silvanus, the green man out there a little sooner.

Anywhoo that is all inside shit that probably won't mean much of anything to anyone.

I've got a stack of American Folklore books I'm going to read and commit to memory over spring break, because I feel like a greater base knowledge of American Folklore will do nothing but inform the story to details it should be noticing and will hopefully get on the page when I make the transfer over from a finished long-hand copy to a typed copy.

Those books include:

Shingling the Fog and Other Plains Lies by Roger Welsch
Donegal Fairy Stories by Seumas MacManus
A Treasury of American Folklore by Terri Hardin
Grandfather Tales by Richard Chase

and anything else along the way that I discover as I'm trying not to spend money on books