Monday, June 23, 2008

Another Micronation

People will never cease to amaze me.

A little over a year ago I made a blog post about this thing called a micronation. You can read that here. It was about a little weapons platform off the coast of Britain that got claimed by some rich people and turned into their own micronation called Sealand. I laughed and used the article as the basis for a novella idea which has since been maybe abandoned and probably eventually turned into a short story.

Today I'm skimming Yahoo News, a tradition I do every morning after reading up on all the blogs I've missed and webcomics, and I stumbled on an article titled "Tiny Shetland Island Declares Independence." (Note that most Yahoo News links tend to be very transient and may not work).

How tiny? you might ask. One Hectare (which translates to 2.5 Acres or 107,639.1 square feet). I went and did a little research on Wikipedia and discovered a full article about the country of Forvik. And from there was a link to the Declaration of Direct Dependence.

The population of the country is 1. A man named Stuart Hill, which, if wikipedia is to be believed, goes by the nickname "Captain Calamity."

It seems that the once glorious United Kingdom is falling apart. One acre at a time.

God save the queen.


Sealand has a website that can be accessed here
According to Wikipedia the rebel government of sealand's website can be accessed here