Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Summer Slow

My sister graduated this weekend, and my grandparents came into town, so I've been busy entertaining the family. After that I don't have much excuse for not posting other than that I've really not had a whole lot to write about.

Last night I went to Dublin Square with Duke and we sat and talked about writing among other things. I've got him reading the first hundred pages of Bombed. He helped me figure out a few problems that I've known were arising in the last probably 30 pages of the book and how to nip them in the bud before it kills the book.

The problem that has arisen, beyond the usual figuring out of character things, is the lack of funny. I started out funny. I planned to barrel on with the funny. I also wanted to be aware of the gravity. And the gravity weighed me down. It seems like every event is now: they go somewhere, get shot at, get safe, get sentimental about the fact that things suck now. So Duke told me to change it. Throw in something absurd or funny. That I've got enough root in reality that the absurdest things that happen will still be believable. What that means is today I'm going to the coffee shop again with my laptop and I'm going to kill an afternoon reformatting everything.

Ran 7 miles last night. Finally I am back to what I used to do.

Other than that all is quiet. Still job hunting. Still putting off figuring out grad school hooplah... Probably shouldn't put either of those off anymore. And now I begin my day.