Saturday, November 29, 2008

A Post From Turkey Break

Thanksgiving Break is anything but (well it is Thanksgiving, but it is sorely lacking in the latter part of the title). This is, of course, not all true.

Things I've done over break:

Things I still have to do before break ends:
  • Finish reading the Lord of the Rings (I started it back in August and I'm getting antsy to start something different)
  • Finish reading for class
  • Write a 5 page paper
  • Play a show with my band Anomaly
  • See other friends I haven't yet
Actually looking at those lists it would appear that Thanksgiving break has in fact been a break. But faced with the looming of the end of the semester and that final push to make awesome one the scholastic front, the list doesn't quite do justice to where the weight of the priorities need to be focused.

I wanted to work on my novel and I haven't done that.

Mostly it's the fault of Fallout 3, which is, in the next couple days, going to become not a time threat. This is mostly due to the fact that it has to go back to the rental store, and I have to buckle down on school.

Redundancies abound redundantly.

Next post is going to be a followup to the American Gods roadtrip post I made earlier. Going to start looking at the possible location of Lakeside.