Saturday, December 06, 2008

WiFi refugees

Ah the joy of holiday season at school.

Outside the snow is coming down (another 2 fresh inches on the ground from the looks). And I'm at the library doing final projects and homework.

It looks like a refugee camp in here on every floor of both the Hatcher and the UGLi. Hundreds of students huddled around any available space near a plug. Piles of coats and winter gear. Tables stacked high with papers, coffee cups, and food wrappers. This is the final week of class for the undergrads, and for us Grad Students it's the final week of classes period. This is the final push when everyone is doing absolutely everything they can before the mass exodus to whatever home town they come from.

I catch snippets of conversations of people talking about their first time driving in snow, and it makes me smile.

I walked to the library today in the falling snow, listening to the Vince Guaraldi Charlie Brown Christmas album, smoking my pipe, and reveling in the wonderfulness of the christmas season.

Other than that not much has been happening. There was a breach of student privacy by a faculty member at SI, which I'll talk about later when I have time to make a fully thought out post. I also printed out the 260 pages of my novel that's finished, and seeing that stack of paper is really a wonderful thing.

And on that note it's back to school work. One final push. One final mad dash to the finish line.


And their off...