Thursday, April 12, 2007

A friend mentioned to me this idea the other day. He was saying how every college needs its own super hero team. This is in reference to the Marvel Civil War (which was more like a civil dispute, but that's for another time). It's spring now, and that means running season, which also means I'm going to be listening to American Gods in a marathon-like manner, because it is a spectacular audiobook, and a great excuse to keep going (though i can already quote most of it). So when he said that every college should have its own super hero team I started thinking, well hell, every college should have its own pantheon of gods.

So I started writing it.

It's turned into a pretty interesting short story. There are different factions within the gods. The sports gods, and the Greek (more like patron saints of the fraternities), there is the God of Beer, and there is the God of Good Grades, and then there is a demi-god (very Loki-esque) called the Procrastinator, who leaches off the worship of other gods, and is the arch-nemesis of Grades.

Right now I am working on a conversation between Grades and Beer. It seems that the sports gods are rather unsettled by the fact that Beer (who is the greatest of all the college gods (think about it)) is knuckling in on their territory with the advent of Beerpong.

I've got some friends coming down tomorrow to spend the weekend with me. We're gonna hit up a John Vanderslice concert (hopefully). I've got a ton of homework that I need to do, that I'm not doing... Figures that this is going to happen with the end of the semester.

If you're reading this, go check out the comic book, The Damned: Three Days Dead. It's a crime-noir set in the 20s with demons. Pretty good stuff.

Trying to finish the Hero vs Mr. X, the first novella in the book I'm writing called "Hero of the Second City." If I stick with it, I should have the first draft hammered out by the end of April, willing to push it into May if I need to because of homework...evil evil homework.


PS: Was searching around the internet when I should be working and stumbled across...

How bout dem apples?