Sunday, April 22, 2007

We're doing stylistic parodies in Fiction 2 right now. She's given us a really large packet of stuff to read. Then once that is read you have to pick a specific piece you read and use that style to write your parody to. I bypassed most of the reading for now (I'll prolly pick it back up later for the sake of recall) and decided that I was going to do the Bible stylistic parody. The piece that I have to rewrite in the style of the Bible is one of my college pantheon ideas where all the gods are meeting to discuss the coming year. I think it fits the style pretty well, and I can get fairly sidetracked in the explaining of the gods which I don't feel like I've done really yet at all.

I'm really excited that this semester is almost over. It's been a grueling kick in my butt, and I've got so much stuff that I want to work on and do over the summer, which I'm going to be able to do because I've actually got free time (even with classes).

Found an apartment up on the north side just past Loyola. It is gonna be nice, but I found out that there is no Upass offered at Columbia over the summer, so that is a fresh and LARGE expense that I wasn't planning on having to deal with. It's really nice, though, getting out of the south loop once and for all and starting to see this beautiful city that I live in from other angles. I know I don't plan on staying here once I'm done, but it'll be good seeing some more of the city, and actually making it something worth while. Hell, maybe I can get some stories from it.

Had a conference with Mort Castle, my Story In Graphic and Historical Fiction teacher, yesterday. I love being on the level where we chatted about class work for a few minutes and then just talked fiction in general, life plans, girlfriend (mine cause he is happily married) and the fact that I haven't submitted anything yet. Sometime today I've got to find a place to send Interlude out to maybe get published. I feel really good about that piece. It came out really easily, survived mostly on two edits, and Mort said it has a sort of Hemingway style to it, which made me grin ear to ear.

In my other conference with Layla Jokanovich, my fiction 2 teacher, she said that I've got a pretty good handle on using movement to actually move the piece, and it never feels like movement is stopping the flow of the story, and that it is a pretty sophisticated technique. She didn't like Interlude, which I thought was weird because Mort loved it. I'm going to go with Mort's opinion on Interlude. He's the one who's been nominated for a Pulitzer, a Pushcart, and Bram Stoker's several times, and has more than 300 credits to his name. Yeah. He has the credentials to have that sort of weight to swing.

Today is homework day. I keep putting it further and further off, but now I have to do it. It's really beautiful out and I want to go running, but I need to get work done first, and running on an empty stomach is not fun. I'll post again if I send anything out to be submitted, which I have to.