Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Peanuts and commonly misheard words

"He ate my peanuts."

Isn't that a fun line? I started a short story with it. Every time I read the short story I have to make sure that I put an extra emphasis on the diction of peanuTs (with an added emphasis on the uh sound). Twice now I've started the story with unwanted snickers of people thinking that the story is suddenly about fellatio and not the intended annoyances that come with overly large people on airplanes. While the first is definitely funny it isn't the desired outcome.

Brice Beckstrom. I think it is probably the best pulp super hero name i've ever heard. So I made him into my ubermensch. The billionare pilot Brice Beckstrom, saved from certain death by the radiative Dark power becomes the Pioneer. A man of boundless strength and endurance. Able to withstand the blows of bullets and defy the laws of gravity.

He's going to be a follow up character to the Hero of the Second City Trilogy (expect those finished by the end of summer (especially once the semester gets finished and I have time to work and research)).

Apartment hunting tomorrow. And Looking for a job potentially for over the summer. maybe I'll check the ALA district office.