Friday, April 06, 2007

Heard a great line in the movie The Lookout. Jeff Daniels tells the main character who has a hard time sequencing events to "go to the end." That as soon as you know where it is it's easier to figure out how it got there. So work backwards. I'm giving that a try in my writing this week because I seem to always get stuck when I'm writing fiction. I'll get two or three chapters into it and then BAM. it sucks I'm stuck.

I can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel. As of right now I am going to be graduating May of 08 (a 4 year (yeah I'm surprised too)). The thought is really inspiring and enlightening. I'm looking forward to grad school now, and to being able to hit th real world.

My plan is to go to Library School (UCLA is quickly climbed to the top of my list) and focus on youth and international librarianship. I have this crazy notion that I can impact the world through bringing libraries and information to the underpriveleged undeveloped nations. Knowledge is power, man.

Started my first story of completely unrelated material in Fiction 2 last week. It's nice because everything else that I have been working on ties into this idea of the Cineverse, and the mythos world that I've created, in some form or another. So all this year I've been working on stuff for that, with barely anything new or interesting. We did a Person Object Action experiment, where you take a random Person a random Object and a random Verb, and then write a story. I mostly ignored the verb part because nothing could really fit what I was thinking. the Person was Man and the object was Raft. The short story became about this guy forced to leave London on a transatlantic flight. He is going through the same emotional turmoil that I went through coming back from LA, and so he is too busy staring at the girl he is leaving in the airport (there was no girl in LA for me, just a good focus of emotion for this character) to notice that guys are arguing over Engine #3. So he gets on the airplane, they take off. Some jerk next to him eats his peanuts, but the main character is just too nice to really say anything about it. Suddenly, mid flight, the engine falls off, and the plane crashes. The main character manages to get an emergency raft and survive. He is floating in the middle of the ocean when suddenly the cart full of peanuts floats by and he finally gets his peanuts.

I'm thinking this may be the start of a series of short stories revolving around this character and his insanity. Could be interesting, a little crazy, and something unique. He has a really strong voice and a severe case of story telling ADD, managing to get off topic so many times.

So that's my writing in a nutshell.

I'm not going home for easter. It kind of has me bummed, but it'll be nice to have the apartment to myself for the weekend. Listen to my own music, watch tv when I want to, but turn it off when I want to. Maybe I'll smoke the hookah again.