Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Just a quickie before class starts.

I had an extra hour to kill, so I went to the library (big surprise there). Figured I'd drop a quick update.

I got my baritone tuned up and jury rigged a really cheap connection to our stereo system in the apartment so I could get a basic idea of what this monster sounds like. It's beautiful. I need to talk to Forrest about what kind of Amp I should get it. And I need to ask Brandon about the effects, and about why they aren't working. It's probably a battery thing, but yeah. Definitely need to get it looked at. Either way, it sounds beautiful.

Managed to get the rider out of his situation. I let it sit for a couple days, and then it came to me while I'm at work. His dead wife started talking to him. And he's taking a quick detour south from his westward ride to kill the brother of the jerk who killed his family. I figure that'll toss another great battle scene in and then give me some leverage to put him westward.

This makes me really nervous. Thank god we are down to just a little more than a year left.

World War Hulk starts soon. Very jazzed for that.

Heading home to Ben and Katie's wedding this weekend. Pictures sure to follow.

Still dealing with sucky blogginess. It seems that this computer likes changing text into some Hindi dialect or whatnot. I really hope blogger manages to get this figured out.