Sunday, June 03, 2007

The rider got himself in a bit of a situation tonight. He was leaving DC and got pulled over by the police. He knifed one in the back and is using him as a human shield. The other is crouching behind the open car door with a shotgun trained on him.

It's fun working with a character and having no direction or desire, other than that he has to go West. It gets a little nerve wracking when he gets into situations like this. The brain suddenly kicks on, and I have to figure out how to get him out so his story can keep going on. I could kill him, but that would end the story. I'm not quite at the end yet, so that option is something I want to avoid.

I love this snippet of dialog between two unknown characters (who will remain nameless because I know who one is, and not the other).

"I am free you say?"
"Yes. Go. The wolf is coming."
"I bet."

I dunno. maybe I'm being a little too self conscious and tooting my own horn, but that exchange gets me excited.

This is the first weekend in over a month that I haven't been driving somewhere or actually somewhere other than Chicago. It's kind of weird. I sat for the first time today in my new apartment, and I felt restless. I felt alone and restless. I wanted to go do something, but at the same token I was really lazy and didn't do anything. At least tomorrow I have to cram a whole bunch of homework. I travel again on Wednesday for Kate and Ben's wedding. Should be fun.

I've been trying desperately to get Blogger working properly on Firefox. But it is all to no avail. Maybe if I upgrade Safari I'll be able to do everything I need to on that. Then we'll have pictures and links, and clicky goodness.