Thursday, May 31, 2007

So in a vain attempt to fix the issues that Firefox was having with blogger, I lost the entire entry I was working on. Tomorrow is my free day. I may sit down and fiddle with it then. If it works I'll eventually have links and pictures and interesting things again. Until then I'll attempt to recapture what I was writing...

My "week" has come to an end. I've managed to get Fridays off for the third semester running. With that free day I can do what I want or need. Run errands. Write. Sleep in. Go to the movies. Whatever strikes my fancy. Leisure time is undervalued and overly wasted in this country. Being able to sit back and reflect, meditate, or do your own thing is very important to maintaining a healthy soul. Maybe I'll go for a run.

I gave the first two chapters of the Center to Lila (my Prose Forms and Fic II teacher) to review. I got that back from her today complete with her series of notes. It's interesting that this is the second piece that I have sent to both her and Mort. I find it amusing that where they differ in their editorial opinions it is mirror opposites. The opening section Lila wanted longer, more fleshed out. Mort on the other hand suggested an edit that would cut the two paragraph section down to about two sentences. When I told Lila this she made a concession and said to follow what Mort says. Other than that her criticisms have been helpful and will be helpful when I finish pounding out the first draft (whatever and whenever that may be), and finally go back to edit.

I'm still caught in the middle of my constant state of traveling from Haslett to Chicago and Chicago to Haslett. Though tonight, for once, feels like a bit of a reprieve from it all. I go back again this coming Wednesday for a wedding. It'll be nice when all that is over so that I can settle into a bit of a routine. I feel like I haven't quite gotten a grip on this summer semester, or this new apartment.