Sunday, May 20, 2007

I had a really bizarre dream two nights ago.

They say that dream logic and story logic are two different things. And that while you can use concepts that came to you in dreams it is impossible for a carbon copy of a dream to a story would not make sense in any other fashion than as a dream. I'm starting to question this after the vivid and very structured dream that I had. This is some thoughts and story arc (or at least the beginning of) of the dream that I had...

There was an infection or disease or virus very 28 Days Later-esque that hit the earth. It was coming in waves from community to community, region to region, consuming the people and turning them into very zombie-like monsters that stalked the earth, eating human flesh and generally being nasty. I am in a city waiting for the wave of this plague to approach. It is only hours away from when its going to arrive, and I with my band of college aged cohorts have armed ourselves with whatever we could find. Mostly gardening implements, blunt objects, baseball bats, or anything that can and will find itself in a house or garage, or suburbia. We are among the hundreds of others in our neighborhood who have decided to do what we can to fight back this fast approaching menace.

The wave comes. We manage to hold them back long enough that the straggles of military still around have arrived and give us some actual support, while rounding up the civilians and preparing to ship them (by any means necessary) to safer regions. Kind of a rolling retreat while preparing for an inevitable strike-back. We are then horded away from the barriers the military has managed to set up. The military then gathers the most able-bodied youth. The smart ones, the strong ones, etc. They are preparing to send them to the "colonies" in space. Mind you, that we are not talking colonies like orbiting cities with plants and gardens and such. None of this Ringworld, Gundam Wing bull. These are more like massive MIR's or International Space Stations. Aging hamster tube style, but bigger, and more for science research or mining or for sending us further into space (A la Mars Colony). At first I am passed up, but then I manage to sneak into the group of the next shuttle being sent spaceward.

The ship is a rocket ship. More like a flying bus than anything else. We are loaded on and quickly shot into space. While traveling up one of the guys finds amidst our group a sock that has infected entrails on it. He asks us for a light. Many of the smokers pull out Bic lighters and they torch it into ash. Then we are in space. We dock with the colony station, and are herded off. I'm a bit worried because I am a person who really doesn't like salad. But I have also decided that because I am saved, and that they are going to help me, that I am willing to do anything necessary (including eat salad). I get some help from a Dr. Farrel. And we are sent to an even larger moon base.

We are welcomed on the Moon Colony in a very Hawaiian style. We step off the shuttle and are greeted by throngs of people, dressing us in leis and cheering our "inevitable victory." We mock many of the colonists. From there I meet this cute girl who is going to give me help.

That's all I've got so far. It's not much, it's an idea. It just surprised me how detailed the story was. How thought out. How complete. It was far more vivid, and stayed with me in far more detail into the waking world than did any dream I've ever had before.