Sunday, May 20, 2007

I wanted to post something clever here about moving in, and about coming back to Chicago and all, but nothing is really coming to mind. I got a call from my tutor. She described herself as being hard but fair, which I think is a way of saying I'm a jerk, but I give the occasional praise. I realized then that people who describe themselves as hard but fair are a new pet peeve.

Moving out is actually not that exhilarating. It's a whole lot of moving everything out of the room, organizing a bit, and moving it back in. Moving it out, and then back in. Wash rinse repeat. I need a desk, and a midday so I can pound stuff into walls without waking anybody up.

For a change of pace I am going to leave a bit of a piece that I started. Something that I'm not really sure of, but sounds cool when read out loud with traveling music underneath. Here it is


I was thinking of you.

I've spent a lot of time in cars lately. Driving from here to there. Riding passenger mostly. With my headphones in and a first print run of The Gunslinger with a broken spine in my lap. I should've finished it days ago but I keep nodding off.

I went in to Canada today, no problems on the border. I'm camping for the first tie in years, and I actually saw stars tonight. I know it sounds funny, but when you finally don't see them you really miss them. They twinkled and glowed in the heavens. In the freshly mowed field where I stood, I glowed back. You've never been, and I want badly to take you camping.

When we were gathered in the mess hall, looking at pictures from camps that I missed for work or some other excuse I start to wonder if you got my text, and I want to check it, but international fees are too steep. And for once it feels nice to unplug. Except for my iPod. I can't live without music.

When I get back home I plan on taking you out for coffee again. I keep having this self-important daydream of me pulling into my driveway in two days with my tent in one hand and a duffel bag in the other. And you run across the lawn to greet me. We embrace then, and through your chest I can feel the steady thump thump of your heart. You're alive and that is supposed to mean something to me that I am wholly unclear on.

You should've seen the sunset. With our 20% chance of rain blowing quickly over our heads. The towering thunder clouds, purple mountains from the heavens. The sun burning like a golden doubloon. It was something. I get a lot of sunrises where I'm at, but I'm never up for them. Except for last week when work got so backed up that I put in a seventeen hour day at home Sunday night from noon till five AM, crashed for another two hours, and was back at the office at eight.

I wonder what you're doing right now. Wonder if you think of me. Wonder if you've thought of me at all. I like to hope so. I wonder if I should even want to take you out again. I mean with the big California move coming in a year and all. Is it fair to me? Is it to you? I come home tomorrow for a week before going back to Chicago. Maybe I'll see you then.

Tonight we go out for our annual pie run. It's this little shop on the edge of London, Ontario. Near where I am camping. God my hands are freezing. After a long day of work that pie is starting to sound damn good. It means that need to get out of my tent. More importantly out of my sleeping bag. A down filled mummy sack. It could keep an anorexic supermodel toasty at the south pole...


Anywhoo that is the story. What I've done at least. I can't really think of where to take it next, so I'm going to just let it sit for a long while.

I'm really excited about the fact that Starcraft 2 is coming out. It's been a long time coming, and I think this is an excuse to upgrade my PC. Though I shouldn't be spending the money.

And with that I am back to unpacking, moving and removing, and re-removing, until I'm ready to collapse.