Tuesday, May 08, 2007

I ushered in the sun yesterday morning. It was five in the morning and I'd been sitting at a computer desk for the better part of four hours hammering away at a comic or an essay or something (by the end it was hard to discern which was which). The skiy started suddenly getting lighter and lighter and then BAM! Out across the lake this fireball some thousands of miles away peeked it's head over the water and I wondered why I didn't do this more often.

Like I said I was up doing homework. That joyous end of semester crunch when everything that you've been saying "oh it won't take too long to finish, so I'll do it later," suddenly takes forever to finish, and you have to do it now. I keep thinking they need to flip flop our semester, and put all the major projects at the beginning. It makes logical sense until you realize that you have to have the education in order to do the bigger projects.

Either way I am done. I tapped the last few lines of some pointless essay in last night around 10, and flopped into bed to get my eight hours of sleep, to make up for the two that I got the night before. What's done is done. Ain't got no time, and (slumping on the cross) it is finished.

Went and saw Tim O'brien last night for some event that the school put on.


I wish I could've been more awake to enjoy it. He talked a lot about story truth and about real truth. About how "real truth" is being erased as it is lived because it is beyond the capacity of human memory to remember the exact truth. He made some interesting points. Needless to say, as soon as I get done dropping this entry, I zip off to class and get to hear him again. Maybe he'll have some other topics to hit on, and it will be fresh. He's really a well spoken writer.

And with that I need to go take a shower, and get to class...