Wednesday, May 23, 2007

I ended up dropping one of my two classes after sitting through an hour of it. I thought it was just a general communications class, but it turned out to be a civil rights communication class. I know I sound like a racist jerk, but I'm fed up of hearing about civil rights. I'm tired of being belittled for being a white middle class male. I'm a firm believer that diversity is the biggest detriment to equality. And now I'm stepping down off my soapbox before rotten fruit gets tossed my way.

So as a result of dropping that class I had a four hour period with which to waste time. I was (for once) able to go out and actually enjoy a bit of this summer weather that Chicago boasts. I walked down to Buckingham Fountain and smoked my pipe with some fresh 50th Anniversary Blend from Campbell's Smoke Shop. I went down to the lake front and watched the sailboats for a while, and then, finishing my pipe, I walked back to the South Campus building. It's funny to me how many people stop to point at you for smoking a pipe. I know that it is becoming a rare sight, especially in today's youth (my generation), but I just think it tastes better, looks classier, and smells amazing.

I now have only one class this semester, Prose Forms. It's with my Fiction 2 Teacher, Lila Jokanovich (I think i brutalized her name (sorry)). I wasn't a big fan of her at the start of last semester, but she really grew on me. It was more of me growing and learning not to be such a self righteous jerk, and realize that, yes, in fact, she can teach me things. The class is off to a good start, but the work load is going to be nothing short of exhausting. That coupled with a tutoring session twice a week.

Lila, my teacher, really enjoyed what I sent her of the center, and is pouring over it, trying to figure out what part to submit to try and get it into Hair Trigger. HT is the fiction dept's anthology published every year of student work selected by the teachers, and then edited by a specific class. I feel like this time I really have a few things to run with. The Center that I gave to Lila I feel really strongly about. And surprisingly my essay from CRW Novelists (a class I took in the spring) also has been submitted. Shawn Shiflett usually doesn't submit stuff from CRW classes, and said that my essay was one of the first things he has submitted in a while. Enough tooting my own horn.

Tomorrow is comic day! I hope it isn't another quiet week. From what my friend Mike was saying tonight at Bar Louie's is that he thinks it is going to be. The only title coming out that is worth noting is The Spirit #6.

Almost finished with the 2nd of the Dark Tower Cycle. Expect a review for The Gunslinger in a few days.