Monday, May 14, 2007

So I was away in Canada all this last weekend. I didn't have internet or phone or TV or any real technology except for the short battery life of my iPod. We were there for the Dorchester International Brotherhood Camporee. This is (like the name implies) a big international Boy Scout (or Scouts Canada) shindig that we go to anually. It is always on Mother's Day.

We left to go there on Thursday. I finished classes on Tuesday, and got all of my other stuff done on Wednesday, and then drove home Wednesday night. We got in late on Wednesday (well, Thursday morning in all technicality) and then Thursday we drove to Canada. Because it was just Matt my Mom and I, we were able to stop at the Labatt Brewery in London, Ontario, where we got to drink a couple of mediocre beers and get a free tshirt and a tour all for about $5.00 Canadian. I also ordered my first legal pint (thank God for the 19 drinking age).

The rest of the weekend was spent staffing DIBC. As was usual for Venture Crew 97, we worked the Botswan's chair (pronounced Boh-suhn) which stretches across the river. This is always highly amusing because we aim to dunk the campers in the river. They don't seem to mind this, considering how warm it usually is, and how cool the water is. As usual we got really muddy from the kids kicking the water and ground into this brown soup.

I finished my first book of the summer, The Gunslinger by Stephen King. It was a spectacular read, and I am intrigued to see where he is going to take it over the next six volumes of the magnum opus, The Dark Tower. I knew a lot about it, and it made much of the highly abstract story a lot more bearable, but even then there were moments which had me scratching my head in a metaphysical contemplation.

I'm back in Haslett for the next week until school starts. Then I'm going to be travelling like a maniac from here to Chicago and back and forth over and over again. I have a feeling that come the end of June, when the majority of my travelling is complete, I'm going to want to shoot myself or blow up a train or something. (For the Dept of Homeland Security that's not true, and is just a means of expressing the exhaustion of travel that I am going to be faced with). Well now, it's off to bed. I've got some stuff I'll be talking about and posting over the next few days concerning writing and projects and the like. G'night!

PS: Sorry about the bland lack of links or pictures. For some reason the Mac internet doesn't like to give me all the options that I get when I use the Microsoft Internet browser, and me being HTML retarded I have no idea how to remedy that. I downloaded a program called firefox, and I think the next few posts may be a little more snazzied up.