Thursday, May 03, 2007

More moving today.

My dorm/apartment is looking very bare. All the walls are stripped down, leaving little yellow stains of sticky tack where once there were interesting posters. We're not allowed to nail into the walls, but that didn't stop my roommate who hung a world map which was old enough it still reffered to all of Eurasia, and all of Northern Asia as the USSR. I always found that really funny, just like the framed puzzle he hung up of an underwater scene. I also really disliked looking at that painting because there was a single piece missing from it, and every time I looked at it my eye would gravitate towards that one spot and fixate on it until I was annoyed.

The large boxes on wheels had somehow managed to disappear so it left Matt and I to load in boxes from my room armload by armload, riding the elevator up to the 25th floor and down again....over and over and over... Thankfully I didn't pack everything seeing as I am going to continue living in this dorm room for another week or so in order to finish out the semester and to avoid having to deal with a 40 minute commute to get to my 8 o'clocks on Monday and Tuesday.

Mike got his film back today and he was able to review it. If I hadn't been busy with moving stuff I would've hopped on it and checked it out. He said that, except for a few minor incongrueties that will get left on the cutting room floor, everything they shot was really very good, and this project is going to be a hit. That really gets me excited about the prospect of actually filming and seeing "Interlude" this coming winter.

We also have started kicking around the idea of doing a zombie movie, which we both swore we would never do, but have decided that it would just be plain old fun to go out and experiment with a hack n slash, blood and guts, action movie. I pitched him the idea that it would be interesting to see it done with a winter premise. He fell in love with the visual idea of seeing the blood splatter the snow. So now I am busy brainstorming a whole ton of the ideas that would make it interesting. I keep leaning towards noir titles, like "The Dead Months" or "The Long Dead Winter" or something of that sort.

Going to be back in town tomorrow. Should be interesting. Still wondering how I am going to get all this homework done by next Monday. I've given up on finding an artist, so I think I am going to just slap together a basic pitch, and turn it in on monday, maybe see if I can crank out the excuse that my "artist is going slow" and get a few more days to finish it up. I'm a bad bad person. Anyways it's late, and I've got a drive ahead of me, mostly doing homework while Matt cruises.