Tuesday, May 29, 2007

I'm 21.

I had started an entry earlier about the anticipation of turning 21. About waiting for my friends to arrive to go to the pub and share a pint with me. About how life is constantly going. About a lot of things. Then James walked through the door and I closed the window and decided to go life more so than type this entry.

It's now 2AM. I've definitely enjoyed the beginning of my 21st. I'm still relatively sober. And I'm carrying on a conversation with a friend over AIM. We're talking about life, about my philosophy, and about the world in general. The side of me that is pleasantly passed buzzed is saying that I should elucidate on the subject. Ranting for pages and pages and swallowing up enormous amounts of your time. The sober side is saying that no one (who hasn't come to me asking) really gives a wet smack what a half-drunk 21-year-old thinks about life. I tend to lean towards the latter, and have decided that beyond this paragraph I will spare you (for now) the ranting of a philosophical drunk.

I saw the third Pirates on Friday and it was good.

I went to my cottage this last weekend, and it was also good. I had a few beers on tap (figured I'd jump the gun a little bit). I should've done writing, but couldn't bring myself to work. Instead I ran and got some sun and I read.

I'm deep into the third book of Stephen King's Dark Tower cycle. It is very good. As everyone was, I was a little weary through The Gunslinger, and was very apprehensive after the beginning of The Drawing of the Three. The Wastelands is shaping up to be quite a howler. I get far too much time to enjoy my own books now. I have an two hours of commute-time on a train four days a week. I should be able to just hammer through the Dark Tower series over the next month. And probably read Herodotus's Histories through June. That will carry me all the way up to the release of the 7th Harry Potter, which yes I am excited for.

I sent Mort my first chapter of the Center (working title). He liked it. Offered a few good suggestions. I'll keep them in mind, but I am not allowing myself time to go back and edit. Not yet at least. I want to get the first 10 chapters done before I start cycling back. And with that I am off to bed.