Thursday, May 10, 2007

Packed up the last of my stuff today and moved out of my dorm room. It was a decidedly melancholy event which I kind of figured was going to happen, but at the same time was a little weirded out by it. We moved the majority of the big stuff this morning and then later this evening I went back long enough to grab my laptop and hat and sign out for good. It'll be nice having that permanent apartment for the year up in Rogers Park.

Yesterday I found this great cafe up near our apartment which looks to be the place where I am going to be doing much writing. It's called Ennui, which makes me giggle constantly. It has this awesome bohemian feel to it, and just sitting there I felt a surge of energy to go and create. When I finally get settled and am not running constantly back and forth I will have to get over there with a laptop and just work.

Now that the semester is over I've started working my way through listening and reading books that I've been meaning to all semester. I started the Dark Tower cycle, which I plan on finishing over the course of the summer, and I started listening to The Historian on CD. The reader is good and I'm already 1/11 the way through it (22 cds, and i'm 2 in, you do the math).

Tomorrow I leave for Canada for the weekend. No Cellphone, No Laptop, no technology. I'm really excited about that. We're going to the Dorchester International Brotherhood Camporee. This is a big international boy scout shindig. Should be a lot of fun, and I'm sure I'll have facebook pictures of it soon enough.

In terms of writing (because that is what this blog I think is supposed to be about), I'm gonna finally send that piece off to the Writer. I've been hemming and hawing far too long, and now that I have a week where I am going to be at home I have no excuse. I started working with the Edmund Willis character from a story idea i'd been kicking around called "The Center." While not pitching the idea of the center out entirely, I am more or less ignoring it, and just writing a tale which I am finding interesting, constantly challenging myself to take it one step further, and to always keep it exciting, and change it up whenever I get stuck. I got 18 pages out in 2 days. I feel really good about this. More to come once I get settled.