Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The Comings and The Goings

My job is better than yours (at least for any college students reading this). Tonight, so far, I've been paid to do Monday's crossword in the NYT (finished it), figure out the homework I'm not going to do, and surf the blogosphere for other blogs I read (such as Gaiman, Mike Doughty, Janet, and Duke Kimball). Plans for the rest of the evening include working on the novel, and working on homework. And I'm getting paid for this.

After a brief stint of almost banging my head against the wall with my novel, I've managed to work out the kinks (at least for a first draft) of a scene I've been sitting on for a couple weeks now. The rider, my force of nature ball of energy character has been locked up in a cell, and mum's the word. He's been interrogated by just about anyone within arm's length and is playing the big strong silent type, meaning the scenes, which I'm convinced right now, have to be in there. The scenes are, for the most part, boring. But now, after a long weekend at home there is some light at the end of the tunnel. Some action and adventure and intrigue again. And the end is getting ever closer.

Next week I go out to Los Angeles. I fly out Tuesday, and will be out there until Wednesday. Long needed escape from the never ending winter. This will be year three of the tradition. Year One never got properly blogged. Year two is here, here, and the return trip here. Because I'll be missing St. Patty's day, Ben and Kate are throwing a St. Nathan's day party.

And for amusement here is a picture of one of the Fairy Doors of Ann Arbor I found.