Monday, May 19, 2008

I Am The Million Dollar Man, Somebody Catch Me While You Can

Ten points to the person who knows the artist who sang those lyrics...

Ok. It's summer. I have time and as of yet no job. So here's the plan.

I have a few goals this summer. They are as follows

  1. Write one novel (Bombed)
  2. Write 6 short stories
  3. Get in shape
Now here is the plan itself. I'm going to start running every single day at least twice a day for a half hour each time. As the summer progresses I'm raising my evening run beyond a half hour, while keeping my morning run the same. I need to figure out the schedule for the weight room at Haslett High School, and then start coordinating time to go there at least three times a week to lift and work muscle groups. Do what I can on the machines at home and pullups.

In terms of diet I'm slowly bringing it around, eating better as I can stand (not exactly a vegetable guy) and eating out far less (except for Sip and Snack (we all have to have a vice)). I'm eating less more often to help promote a faster metabolism.

Now in terms of writing I'm setting a lenient schedule. 10,000 words a week until the novel and at least 3 short stories are done, and then I'll shorten it and use the other time to start rewriting. On top of that I'm going to make sure to blog every day, and start sending more and more stuff out every chance I can.

And this is all while hoping to have a job I can be working at least 20-40 hours a week.

I want to keep a very rigorous schedule to ensure that everything gets done. And to make certain that my life now beyond the intensive writing drive of Columbia is still productive. I also want to start reading more across the board.

That reading is going to start focusing on research for my Jack novel, getting my hands on anything and everything and inundating myself with American Folklore so that when I get finished with Bombed I can get started right away on Jack and get that written.


In other news I applied for two jobs at Ann Arbor District Libraries today and got signed up to be a sub at any of the Capitol Area District Libraries. I went to the bar with Duke and we talked a bit, and he gave me an amp that he had lying about, so now I can hear what my Baritone Guitar sounds like. I went and saw Ironman again and I picked up GTA:IV.


One last announcement.

Plans are set now with Twilight Tales. I'm going to be reading there on the 30th of June. They are no longer at the Mix, but have moved to a new location called The Spread. I'm just waiting to get a questionnaire back from them and all the final details which I'll then post here and probably email everyone about a million and a half times.


Now I sleep and tomorrow I begin kicking ass!


Anonymous May 24, 2008 at 3:28 PM  

imperial teen

Anonymous December 17, 2008 at 11:54 PM  

So have you accomplished any of those?