Friday, May 02, 2008

I'm Just A Poor Wayfaring Stranger

I moved out of my house today, which will actually be yesterday because it's well after midnight now. I packed up the last of my stuff and then with one last goodbye to my former roommate, Matt, I was on the train heading towards the loop, and work at the library, and my final couple weeks of school. I'm now reduced to my hiking backpack loaded with clothes and the necessities to survive, and my satchel, with school supplies, laptop and all the rest.

I feel like a turtle with my "house" on my back.

Tonight I'm sleeping on my friend Ryan's couch. He conveniently just moved down from Michigan because he got a job at a golf course just north of Chicago, and is living only a couple streets away from my former apartment. We've been killing time and playing a lot of Grand Theft Auto IV (a game that is totally worthy of all the hype it's gotten).

Tonight we went and saw Iron Man. It was glorious. Robert Downey Jr. is a god. Stay after the credits for the pant-soiling followup.

Tomorrow I actually have a chance to run to the comic store, pick up the Green Lantern and DCU 0. I'm also going to attempt to get 4,000 or so more words written. On what? I'm not sure. I've got a stack of stuff I've been revising, homework and otherwise.

And on that note I'm going to hit the sack because it's already almost morning...