Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Rome Wasn't Built In A Day

This is something I need to keep telling myself.

So far the regimen is working pretty well. I ran twice today. A 2-miler and a 3-miler. I feel great too. I tried to do pullups tonight but my abs were in pain so I let it go.

I wrote only about 500 words today, so tomorrow I have to pick it up a notch. And I need to start reading.

I think my room smells gross, or it might be the fact that my sister hasn't changed the water in her fishbowl. Either way I'm opening my window tomorrow and burning incense until my room smells good again.

Tomorrow I get my ears lowered! And then my barber, Tom, who has been my barber since I was 4 is retiring. I'm not sure what to do.